2017-2018 GATE Activity Plan

Val Verde Elementary


VISIONThe Val Verde Unified School District believes in an educational system that is committed to effective, life-long learning and provides its students with the tools and knowledge to become productive citizens of our democratic society.  Our Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program, in collaboration with the faculty, parents, the community, and local business, will provide all identified students with the curriculum, instruction, social and emotional development needed to acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to become effective learners, achieve success in school, live successful and rewarding lives, and develop into contributing members of society. 

All students in grades two through seven will have the opportunity to be referred to determine eligibility for GATE program services.   Identification procedures will be fair, culturally sensitive, and rely on multiple sources of data.  All identified students will participate in a planned, developmentally age-appropriate, and sequential GATE program that is accountable and based on the California Department of Education’s recommended standards. 

To achieve this vision, school personnel will be provided opportunities for professional growth to develop and implement effective curriculum, instruction, and developmental approaches for GATE students.  In addition, parents of GATE students will be provided opportunities to be involved in their child’s educational program, the planning of GATE program activities, and evaluation of GATE program components.


MISSIONThe mission of the Val Verde Unified School District GATE Program is to provide quality differentiated learning opportunities that nurture each student, so that each student develops to their fullest in their intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative, and leadership potentials.


PHILOSOPHYThe Val Verde Unified School District is committed to creating the learning opportunities necessary to cultivate character in our students and produce creative, caring and contributing members of society.  We empower all students with skills, knowledge, and values, in an environment that is positive for the student, educator and community.


LEADERSHIPThe following persons are responsible for developing and implementing this GATE Activity Plan for 2013-2014:

District Coordinator:  Dr. Carla de la Torre

Site GATE Facilitator: Ms. Sherry Mellor

Principal: Tim Tanner/Assistant Principal:  Dan Flower

All identified students are encouraged to share their ideas.

All parents of students enrolled are invited to participate in planning and evaluation.


GATE Demographics for (VVES):

Beginning of 2017-2018 school year:

Total In all:   Students

# Identified by grade level: 3rd –2,   4th –7,   5th –17 ,    6th –53 


  1. GATE Facilitators and Administrators will take leadership roles in the development and implementation the District and School Site GATE Activity Plans.
  2. Teachers will be familiar with who has been identified as GATE within their class(es), characteristics of GATE students, the GATE identification procedures, strategies for differentiating core instructional materials, and strategies for meeting the social and emotional needs of GATE students.
  3. Students who demonstrate gifts and/or talents who have not been identified for the GATE Program will be referred for testing in the spring.
  4. Identified students will be provided differentiated curriculum and/or advanced grade level standards within the classroom core instructional program as appropriate to meet their individual abilities.
  5. Identified students will be provided opportunities to participate in activities/events designed to enrich their academic, intellectual, social, emotional, creative, and/or leadership abilities.
  6. Parents of identified GATE students will be provided opportunities to participate in planning, implementing, and evaluating GATE program activities.



Val Verde Elementary School’s GATE Program is designed to build a strong, supportive bond among its students so they can develop into a community of learners that have the courage to explore, discover, and create in a variety of academic and arts areas both in and out of the classroom.  To that end, GATE students are clustered in classrooms where they receive differentiated instruction, and participate in enrichment academies and field studies as scheduled throughout the school year.




Provide challenging, higher-level thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and observation skills in science, and social studies, using hands-on activities, competitions, and field trips that develop curricular depth and complexity while encouraging organizational and cooperative work skills.

During school enrichment academies using Odyssey of the Minds, Living History Day and field study trips with the Ocean Institute, Astro Camp, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Wild Animal Park.


Provide opportunities to participate in drama production to increase students’ self-concept, literature, public speaking, organizational, and cooperative work skills. Expand knowledge of the arts through music, dance, and drama mini-units followed by attending live performances

arranged for student audiences.

Greece, Missions & More, 13 Colonies and Westward Movement are musical dramas that will be performed by students for a live audience. Students will experience a play at Lewis Play House.


Explore writing and art as mediums for self-expression.

During school academies, students will publish poetry, contribute to a mural painting, learn from actual artists (Art 2 Go) and participate in our Art/Poetry Gala.





Provide information on GATE characteristics, and support for the referral and identification process

Staff meeting in Jan. or Feb.

Provide information on how to differentiate and/or compact curriculum

Ongoing consultation and collaboration

Provide information on the site GATE Program activities

Calendars; Memos, and information given in scheduled staff meetings

GATE Facilitator participation in GATE meetings, RCOE sponsored workshops, CAG Conference

Ongoing as scheduled





Advise parents of referral and identification process, and provide parent training through symposiums.

Letters, telephone calls, parent meetings

Advise parents of site GATE activities

Parent letters, calls, parent meeting (BTS in August) and calendar

Encourage parent participation in activities/events

Back to School Night, SSC, newsletters, fund raisers, field trips and the end-of-year celebration.

Obtain parent feedback via program evaluation surveys

Send, collect, and analyze surveys in February/March






Proposed Activity

Projected Costs


GATE Facilitator Stipend of $562.



Substitute teachers: 4 days at $134.47 per day for cluster teachers to chaperone overnight field trips, and facilitator to prepare GATE documentation for testing, FPM, surveys, fieldtrips, etc.,.



Materials and supplies: Support materials for enrichment, and supplies for projects (Odyssey, Art and Events)




Admission to Lewis Play House



Transportation (bus) to Lewis Play House



Consultants (Art 2 Go)



Subscriptions (Time for Kids)






The effectiveness of the GATE Program will be evaluated using the following measures:

  • Student feedback sheets throughout year and survey at end of year
  • Parent survey at end of year
  • Teacher survey at end of year
  • Student performance on STAR Test Results
  • Progress toward proposed accomplishments in School Site Plan
  • Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) documentation, annual self-study
  • Annual report to School Site Council