2017-2018 Staff Directory

Mr. Flower, Interim Principal

It is my sincere pleasure to be the principal at Val Verde Elementary School.  Val Verde Elementary School is a pillar of the city of Perris and has a distinguished history of excellence.  Staff members have created a caring and nurturing culture that seeks positive ways to support students in their academic success endeavors.

The Val Verde Elementary School culture has allowed me to build upon my experiences in education and embrace the learning environment in very positive ways.  Students are excited to learn and strive daily to excel both academically and socially.  I believe that if we continue to work together, as a team, that we can continue to carry on the legacy of excellence established at the Val Verde Elementary School.  LLAP.....


Tanner Mr. Dan Flower
Mr. , Assistant Principal

Name Email Website Special Assignment
Theresa Barbeau tbarbeau@valverde.edu    
Mavie Rosas mrosa@valverde.edu
  Grade Level Chair
Kara Ring kbrennan@valverde.edu    
1st Grade
Cindy Armijo  carmijo@valverde.edu    
Sandra Sloan   ssloan@valverde.edu    
Joan Frost  jfrost@valverde.edu   Grade Level Chair
2nd Grade
Marisol Ortiz  maortiz@valverde.edu    
Kelly Mansfield kmansfield@valverde.edu   Grade Level Chair
Kayla Weaver  kweaver@valverde.edu    
3rd Grade
Alex Alcazar  aalcazar@valverde.edu   Grade Level Chair/Bilingual Facilitator
Laurie Gossett  lgossett@valverde.edu    
Bonnie Wilson  bwilson@valverde.edu   GATE 
4th Grade
Cindy Lee  clee@valverde.edu   Grade Level Chair
Sherry Mellor  smellor@valverde.edu   GATE Coordinator
AnaMarie Palmer apalmerin@valverde.edu    
5th Grade
Sandy Benedict  sbenedict@valverde.edu    Grade Level Chair
Diane Coulombe  dcoulombe@valverde.edu  
DeRon Johnson  dejohnson@valverde.edu    
Amanda Warasky  awarasky@valverde.edu    EMT Facilitator
6th Grade
 Ligia Ayala-Rodriguez layala-rodriguez@valverde.edu   Grade Level Chair-math/Science
Christine Bereal-Page  cbereal-page@valverde.edu   AVID-Grade Level Chair-ELA-Soc. studies
Henry Campbell  hcampbell@valverde.edu   AVID-ELA-Soc. Studies
Michael Clarke  mclarke@valverde.edu   ELA-Soc. Studies
Sheila Larson  slarson@valverde.edu    PE
Cindy Quadrozzi  cquadrozzi@valverde.edu   ELA-Soc. Studies
Joey Espinoza jespinoza@valverde.edu    Math-Science/Bilingual Reclassifier
Margaret Swanson  mswanson@valverde.edu    Math-Science
David Turino dturino@valverde.edu    PE
Kathy Turney  kturney@valverde.edu    SDC
Jason Wachenheimer jwachenheimer@valverde.edu    Band
Nicole Rottnek  nrottnek@valverde.edu    Math-Science
 Special Education 
 Carla Jenkins  cjenkins@valverde.edu    6th Grade Resource Teacher
 Marie McFarland mmcfarland@valverde.edu   Learning Center
 Tricia Gerard tgerard@valverde.edu   Learning Center - SpEd Chair
 Kathy Turney kturney@valverde.edu   SDC 6th Grade

Support Staff 
Name Assignment Email
Special Education
Lori Gajecki Speech & Language Pathologist  lgajecki@valverde.edu
Dr. Chesonis Psychologist  mchesonis@valverde.edu
Instructional Coach
Laurie Wong Instructional Coach  lwong@valverde.edu
Jonnie Thomas Counselor  jthomas@valverde.edu

 Front Office
Name Assignment Contact
Kathy Cunningham Librarian 951-940-8850
Lourdes Franco 6th Grade Attendance 951-940-8550 
Martha Gavilanes Bilingual Clerk 951-940-8550 
Monica Johnston Secretary 951-940-8550
Jessica Mendoza Health Technician 951-940-8550 
Abby Murillo Cafeteria 951-940-8550 
Jeanette Saenz K-5 Grade Attendance 951-940-8550 
 Steve Esmond District Security Officer II 951-940-8550