THINK University Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Dismissal Hours

On regular days dismissal begins at 5:15 PM ; on

Minimum days (Wednesdays) dismissal begins at 3:30 PM .

The times above are the earliest you can pick up

your student; however, we are open until 6 PM



Regular Day

  • 2:152:50pm Opening/Snack
  • 3:004:00pm Homework
  • 4:104:45pm Academic Enrichment
  • 4:555:30pm GameDay
  • 5:305:40pm Dismissal Begins/Clean up
  • 5:406:00pm Academic Sections/Closing


Minimum Day

  • 12:301:00pm Opening
  • 1:101:45pm Homework
  • 1:552:55pm GameDay
  • 3:003:35pm Snack/1st Rotation Sign-Out
  • 3:454:45pm Enrichment
  • 4:555:25pmComputer Lab/(class vary in times).Clean-up
  • 5:30-6:00pm Closing/Sign-out



Fun Fridays

  • 2:153:00pm Extended Opening/Snack
  • 3:103:50pm Frat Friday Clubs
  • 4:004:45pm Game Day
  • 4:405:15pm Safety Drill(s)/Enrichment
  • 5:155:30pm Dismissal Begins/Clean up
  • 5:306:00pm Academic Sections/Closing